Since its founding in 1917, Doukas School has always tried to keep up with the latest trends in education. In a setting of over 10 acres, with educational and athletic facilities amongst the best in design and construction, Doukas School offers to its 2000 student body one of the finest educational and athletic programs in the country. Doukas School is a K-12 educational Institution -Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior and Senior High School.

Teachers and educators involved with the running of their respective Departments have a goal to install upon the youth of today the true meaning of educational values and to make them acquire the tools necessary in order to become valued and trustworthy citizens of our society. These efforts, by all involved, to build solid characters for tomorrow's needs, embrace the idea of a healthy mind and a healthy body.

In particular, in Kindergarten, children follow specialized programs in Psychomotor Development, mathematics, pre-reading and pre-writing exercises, English lessons as well as the Dalcroze system. In Elementary School, the curriculum includes, lessons in modern Greek language, modern mathematics, study of the environment, exploration of the natural world, geography, history, social and civic education, classes of foreign languages, computers, music and sports. Finally, in Junior and Senior High School, students have the opportunity to participate in various workshops such as theatre, journalism, dance, linear and architectural design, European Union subjects etc., alongside with their standard curriculum.

Doukas School also has very strong foreign language, computer and G.C.E. departments with teachers of far reaching backgrounds. Moreover, in 1980, Doukas School founded the Doukas School Athletic Club with a wide range of sports whose teams participate in all first division championships for both Men and Women.

Doukas School publishing activities are also very important. Every year, many books of various educational subjects are published. During the last six years, the school has organized Conferences on Mathematics, Pre-school Education, Educational Computing & New Technologies, General Gymnastics and Sports.

Since 1984, the Computing Department has developed an integrated computational environment based on Local Area Network for over 80 workstations and computational power in total, for over 400 MB RAM and 25 GB peripheral memory. Doukas School also participates in the research projects of LINGUA, TELEMATICS and PAVE.

Doukas School´s aim is to offer to all its students a strong background of educational, cultural and athletic programs and to meet the needs and challenges of tomorrow. For three generations, Doukas School has strived to maintain the highest standards, resembling an extended family, ready to guarantee the present and to prepare for the future.